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Car preparation – costs and tips

For your vehicle, a car preparation is like a wellness treatment. In addition, with a regularly performed preparation of your car, you maintain its value. What there is to know about it and what the whole fun can cost, is now revealed in this article.

What is car reconditioning?

Car reconditioning is about maintaining or even increasing the value of a car. With the help of special cleaning techniques, such as dry ice blasting and minor repairs, the value of the car can be increased enormously. Unpleasant odors, such as cigarette smoke, can also be removed by a professional car reconditioning.

What is involved in car reconditioning?

During professional car preparation, the paint, engine and interior are cleaned with the help of special chemicals, dry ice blasting and tools. After that, it is time to care for the material and seal it with care products. The goal of car reconditioning is to increase the value of the car. This is especially important if the car is to be sold.

Cleaning with dry ice is often used here. In order to achieve a perfect result of car reconditioning, it is important that you hire only professionals. They not only have the right cleaning agents and tools, but also the necessary expertise.

Even small repairs can be counted to the car preparation. Minor damage, mainly in the paint, can often be done with a simple repair, without a complete repaint. This also includes scuffs and scratches on plastics, windows and leather, for example.onal car preparation

Costs for professional car preparation

Professional car reconditioning includes the entire interior and exterior of the car. In addition, it also includes rim cleaning, engine cleaning and leather care.

The following is a sample price list for a car preparation in the workshop:

  • Exterior cleaning complete: approx. 200-250 Euro
  • Interior cleaning complete: approx. 100-150 Euro
  • Car polishing: approx. 70-150 Euro
  • Leather care: ca. 40-60 Euro
  • Odor neutralization: approx. 60 Euro
  • Underbody wash: approx. 30-90 Euro
  • Engine wash (high pressure): approx. 40-60 Euro
  • Upholstery cleaning: approx. 20 Euro/piece

Would you rather have it done professionally or do it yourself?

As you can see, a professional car preparation in a workshop can cost a whopping 750 euros. Therefore, the question of doing it yourself is not surprising. Basically, it always depends on the condition of the car.

Very heavy dirt and many blemishes should only be done, cleaned or repaired with appropriate cleaning agents, such as dry ice blasting from white-lion.eu and the knowledge of a professional. Plus, you’ll usually get a more lasting result if you let a professional do the work. Since a professional car reconditioning can increase the value of your car enormously, a one-time payment of the price is quite acceptable.

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